3 Ways Big Tech Supercharges Customer Engagement (That Insurers Should Copy)

It’s the age of instant gratification and consumers have been conditioned to constantly demand more.

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Launch of the LeadGen Platform Enhances the Agent Experience

This new solution provides agencies the ability to deploy a modern, streamlined quoting solution

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Does Customer Engagement Really Matter?

In the age of Amazon, Facebook and Twitter, customers have been conditioned to constantly demand more. More value, more convenience, more everything. And, today’s customer wants it all for less money.

Read More Introduces Payment Center

New feature provides a streamlined way for insureds to manage automatic payments and saved payment methods, as well as a new workflow for processing payments.

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Upgrading the Producer Experience

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Insurance Customer Engagement: The Key to Success

Face the challenges of customer engagement head-on!

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Farmers & Mechanics Implements

New customer engagement platform streamlines and improves the customer journey

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Kingstone Insurance Company Successfully Implements Platform

Digital transformation and customer engagement were top goals for modernization initiative.

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Bluefire Insurance Successfully Implements for Customer Engagement

New platform consolidates Bluefire’s customer experience across multiple core administration systems.

Read More Delivers the Latest in Digital Customer Engagement

The Customer Engagement Platform gives insurers the ability to create a superior online experience regardless of existing technology environment.

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Think Insured Engagement Doesn’t Apply to Your Market? Think Again!

In the insurance industry, as well as most other industries, we know that technology plays a vital role.

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